Dear Members,


This season you will be able fill in your registration application online by clicking here. Once you have completed it, please forward your cheque as soon as possible to:

  • DARA Tennis Club, c/o 2915 Otterson Dr., Ottawa ON K1V 7B2, OR
  • Drop in the mail slot on the west door of the clubhouse.

Your Membership Tag(s) with an information letter with the code to the clubhouse and gates will be mailed to you unless you contact us for pick up. There will be some printed forms in the clubhouse for those not registering online, which you can also download here. If you would like to be contacted by email, please include your email address on your printed application form (please print clearly).

Members will be required to wear their new Membership Tags after May 1st.  At that time the combination to the gates and clubhouse will be changed and only those wearing tags will be allowed on the courts (without exception).


To encourage new members to join, we will once again waive membership and guest fees for the month of April up until May 1st, so please feel free to invite your friends for some spring tennis.

Please read our Spring 2019 Newsletter for a message from our President and other important information for the upcoming season.


Women's Doubles League

DARA has participated in the Women’s Doubles Tennis League on Thursday mornings for many years. However, to have a team this year we will require a volunteer captain as well as sufficient interest from members.   You can indicate your interest on your registration application.

Interclub 2018

DARA organizes and participates in an interclub doubles league with other tennis clubs in our community to allow our members to experience match play and to meet other tennis enthusiasts in our city. In 2019, we will play matches with City View Tennis Club, General Burns Tennis Club, and The Glens Tennis Club. We are always looking to add other clubs to our league, so if you know others who would like to participate, please let us know!

Matches are on Fridays (schedule TBA) between 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and may be at home (at DARA) or away.  Each match up will consist of men’s doubles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles. Matches will be best of 3 sets, with a super tie-break (up to 10 points) in lieu of a full 3rd set.  We are looking forward to a great season and hope to bring home the interclub championship to DARA in 2019!

Players of all levels are welcome.  Please contact Jonathan Suen (jonjonsuen@gmail.com) to sign up.  There is a $5.00 fee for interclub league registration. New balls and refreshments will be provided.

Singles Ladder

DARA is again expecting an exciting season for the singles ladder, finely coordinated by Jonathan Suen. See our newsletter for details and be sure to register.

Social Events

Throughout the season we have planned several events where the focus is on meeting club members and having fun. Depending on interest, these will include but not limited to, the DTC Season Opening Classic, the Singles Ladder opening event, Open Tournaments, Canada Day Round Robin and our ever popular monthly Thursday night Pizza Round Robin.  You will be notified by email ahead of each event and notices will also be posted in the clubhouse. We are planning on a great summer.

Tentative Dates for Special Events:

  1. Saturday May 18 – DARA Ladder Opening Round Robin
  2. Saturday and Sunday, June 22-23 – DARA Seniors Doubles Tournament (60+)
  3. Saturday and Sunday, July 20-21 – DARA Open Doubles Tournament
  4. Saturday and Sunday, August 24-25 – DARA Open Singles Tournament     

Weekly Events

  • Tuesday Evenings (8:00 pm – 10:00 pm); EXCEPT the last Tuesday of each month – DARA Ladder Tuesdays (more information below).  Ladder players are encouraged to come and pick up a ladder match with others who attend.  Courts will not be reserved, standard court waiting rules apply.  First come, first served.
  • Last Tuesday Evening of each month (8:00 pm – 10:00 pm) – DARA Ladder 1000 Mini-Tournaments.  A draw will be set up with the attending players and matches will be played. Points will be rewarded to participants, with the winner earning 1000 points toward their ladder ranking.  Courts will not be reserved, standard court waiting rules apply.
  • Thursday Evenings (6:00 pm – 8:00 pm); EXCEPT when Pizza Round Robins are scheduled – DARA Mixed Doubles Night.  All interested members are encouraged to come and play. As much as possible, matches will be arranged by skill level.  Courts will not be reserved, standard court waiting rules apply.
  • Friday Evenings (7:00 pm – 9:00 pm) – DARA Interclub .  Team DARA will play against other tennis clubs in the city (doubles and mixed doubles matches only). All levels welcome, registration required, contact Jonathan Suen (jonjonsuen@gmail.com).

Club Policies


The courts are for members only. Guest privileges are available, except during the period between 4:30 pm –  8:00 pm on Monday to Friday, provided the member registers his/her guest in the guest book in the clubhouse prior to play. Guest must adhere to the club and court reservation rules.  Club members are responsible for their guest(s). No one will be allowed to play as a guest unless accompanied by a club member. A guest fee of $5.00 (or $2.50 for children 15 and under) per day, per person, is to be charged and paid at the earliest convenience to the Court Manager or Club Executive.


After the busy period when the Court Manager is not present, members must continue to write their names, arrival time and play period on the reservation board. Please be familiar with the Court Reservation Rules, which are also posted on the bulletin board in the Clubhouse.  If any ambiguity exists as to starting times or next available court, COURTESY and CIVILITY should resolve the issue.  

If you are the last person to leave the Club, please ensure that:

  1. the court lights are turned off
  2. any open windows in the clubhouse are closed and lights turned off, and
  3. the gates and clubhouse are locked